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Valeria Guevera

I am currently seeing Angela as my therapist and let me tell you, she is the most amazing down to earth person I have met. She goes above and beyond to help you and makes sure you are doing well before anything. I feel so welcomed and I enjoy every sessions and look forward of attending every time. It has only been a few sessions and I feel like I am doing so much better without knowing that I am. That how great she is. I would recommend her to anyone who needs help and thinks they cannot do it by themselves.


it’s really eye opening what I’ve been learning, I’m starting to really know who I am. Best 10 dollars I’ve ever spent!!! Keep up the good work. …..thanks again for everything

S Escobar

Wonderful Classes. I was brought to class by a good friend. These classes not only touched my heart but changed my life……

Brandie Sifuentes

Not like any other classes or counseling…. Had me and made me realize so much about my life’s situations and what I needed to be changed. Angie and Chuck are awesome and if you let yourself you can change………

Ruben Hernandez

Excellent place for guidance and counseling Very professional, family oriented and confidential. I always have an at home feeling when I’m there and the staff is very heart warming!


Linda C

Love the classes Angie and Chuck teach.. they both have a remarkable way of speaking so that you want to listen and ask questions…. they make a great team……

Juan Murillo

Program was enduring, life-long wake-up call. Made me realize who I was as a person, mother and friend. Loved the program and want to continue to attend even if I don’t have to …….. M.B.
Highly recommend for couples to get these classes even if you believe there is nothing wrong in your marriage. It made my marriage alot stronger than what it was

Lewis Johnson

I would highly recommend this class to anyone who feels they need it, for any reason- I found it to be very useful, they are providing/helping to provide a great service to the human race. My thanks go out to them and the others involved- my heart goes out to their commitment

Enrique Gonzalez

These were one of the most influential classes I have ever been to. They were very educational and inspirational. They have helped me and will be able to help others

Chris A

This was beyond any expecations. I had an eye opening experience and a life-defining lesson! This will definitely change the course of my life and that of my family


Eye Opening! Everyone should meet these people. If you are planning to have children or have children, you need to take these classes

C Moreno

Very thankful that I got the opportunity to take this class. It has helped me and my family so much in the very first session. After completing several classes it has had such a positive impact in our lives. Thanks alot

E. Howard

I’m greatly appreciative for the services you provided me. They came to me at a point in my life where I was not most proud of but with your guidance and expertise on the many subjects throughout, you changed my and my children’s life. I now can be a more cautious, empowered, righteous, better individual in every aspect of my life and future. Forever thankful…. May God Bless you both

Penny Ford

Thank you very much to help Steve and I to grow closer together. Thank you for teaching me patience with my kids too. The kids and I are closer together. Thank you for everything

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